Ascent to Stafford Castle

by Jonathan Bright
(Stafford, UK)

Ascent to Stafford Castle

Ascent to Stafford Castle

Camera Model: Sony Cybershot DSC-S85
Time Of Day: Approx 10.30am

I had high hopes for this photo. But I wasn't banking on so much fog.

This is my first time using my camera (and first time in years taking photos of any sort) and I thought what better location to put it to the test than the picturesque castle in the town where I live?

I had tried to include some foreground interest in the rocks and trees by the roadside but I think it's fair to say that absolutely nothing in this photo came out as planned.

I'm still trying to get to grips with aperture values and shutter speeds and would appreciate any pointers anyone could give me to achieve at least half decent photographs.

Thank you in advance.

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My first car was old. Very old. And cheap. And that was the deciding factor in my first motor purchase – cheap.

But in my young naivety I reasoned that the car had an engine, steering, brakes, seats, and even a radio. So what could a more expensive car offer when I already had it all?

For a few years I was content. Thinking that people who spent more on cars were clearly wasting their money. After all, what did they have that I didn't?

Time passed, I could afford more, and with my next (and more expensive car) it struck me. My next car had everything that my first car had, but was so, so much better. The difference? The way everything was put together.

And this leads me on to Jonathon's photo. All the elements are there, but they're just not put together too well.

Jonathon was looking for foreground interest, and found some. But unfortunately they cut right across the castle in the background.

The photo has lead in lines (the path). But they don't so much lead in as dominate the entire bottom half of the photo.

And finally, the weather. Not an awful lot that can be done with fog, but hats off for trying!

So how could this be improved? Moving in closer would help. Not far, just a few feet. Enough so that the overhanging branches are in the scene, but aren't cutting into the castle.

It would also be better to elevate the lens a little so that the path takes no more than the bottom third of the photo.

But I'm thinking there might have been a better shot higher up the hill. Walking up the path to the castle perhaps a shot of part of the castle with the fog in the background shrouding (but not completely masking) some trees.

I'm imagining a nice chunky section of castle wall on the left of the shot, perhaps some detail (carved stonework? Wooden door?), and the fog and partially shrouded trees on the right.

All in all I think you were brave to give this a go considering the awful weather. Thanks for the submission Jonathon and I hope this helps,


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