Animal Unusual

by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Taken in Cheshire , UK

Taken in Cheshire , UK

Its my favorite wildlife shot that I took at sunset

By Eleanor.
Age 15

And a lovely loverly shot this is too!

Sunsets are always photogenic, but unfortunately they are also rather boring photo subjects.

The problem is that for every photographer that snaps a sunset there are thousands of people around the world who are all looking at the same sunset.

So the problem is, attractive though it may be, it's nothing we haven't seen before.

Unless that is you introduce an extra element somewhere. Something that those thousands of people didn't clap eyes on.

And the birds in Eleanor's photo fit the bill!

Yes we might have seen the sunset, but did we get the flock of birds and the silhouette too?

Quite likely not, which makes this photo a bit special.

Thanks for the submission Eleanor,


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