An Invitation to Autumn

by Kristi Jabaay
(Cedar Rapids, IA)

The brilliance of the yellow leaves and the green moss just draws you in.

The brilliance of the yellow leaves and the green moss just draws you in.

I took this photo one day in October while walking through a state park. I came upon this opening in the trees and stopped to capture the image.

I loved the way the trees are positioned, as if they are inviting you in.

Out of the numerous photos I took that day, this one by far is my favorite.

(Canon PowerShot SX110 IS, shot in auto mode, no flash)

Good to spot a photo opportunity whilst out and about. And good to remember to take a camera on your walk!

There's many good elements in this picture. I like the trees on either side. I like the moss covered dip in the terrain. I like the fallen log.

Yet, for some reason, I'm not so keen on the overall effect.

To use an analogy – I like beef, and I like ice cream. I just don't like the two together!

As a suggestion, aim to pick out one of the main elements and concentrate the viewer on that. Perhaps the fallen log?

If possible, a shot looking along the line of the fallen log. Some moss would still be there either side, and the trees would loom tall in the background. Could be quite a dramatic picture!

There's not much I would change with regard to post processing, it’s ok as it is. The contrast is fine, and the colours are good for an autumnal scene.

Thanks for the submission Kristi, and I hope the suggestion is useful (and sorry if I sound negative!).

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