by Marta
(Latvia, but currently Denmark)

I was on a trip with my best friends after exhausting exams. I've always been fascinated by Amsterdam's beautiful architecture and took this possibility to take as much pictures as I can.

Also, I thought that they all would look extremely good in black and white. I hope you think so too and enjoy my favorite picture of the bunch .


I do like it, and I like Amsterdam too - although it's been a few years since I last visited.

For some reason architecture always looks good in black and white.

Old buildings - well, they just naturally suit black and white photography.

New buildings - strangely, perhaps, they also look good in black and white. Especially modern buildings with sleek lines.

The reason is that black and white photography lends itself well to clear-cut, geometric, patterns, and there's a lot of modern buildings that have these clear geometric patterns.

Black and white photography also works well when there are good contrasts. I won't go on about it here, but if you're interested in it you can read more about contrast in black and white photography here.

Nice photo Marta, and thanks for the submission,


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