by Harish Mohan

I was on a holiday to Munnar,Kerala in India.

Kerala is known as God's Own Country & Munnar is a excellent example why it is called so. There are endless tea estates and valleys here which would keep you glued to this place for a life time.

This snap is of the highest peak in Munnar were once in 12 years a special kind of flower blossoms. It is one of the things which you should see before you die.

The person seated in this picture was regaining his breath after a 2 km trek. I was actually planning to take the snap of the peak alone but then I thought that with this subject the snap looks better.

My Take on travel photography:-

1) Know the place were you are going to--This makes lot of difference. You can plan in advance the kind of lens you will have to carry. Whether to expect a perfect sunset or expect a gorgeous sky.

2) Get a Tripod--This may not sound a good one… but some times this saves your photography. Especially for long exposure snaps this is a essential part.

3) Last but not the least don't expect to click great snaps all the time you go out… some time you start searching for a sunset a you end up finding that mother nature has different plans and it starts raining heavily… Its ok… Travel photography is not just about photography… its also about travelling ,knowing places, knowing people… so keep walking & keep clicking.

You can look at some more of my snaps at

Thanks for the contribution Harish, and the detailed write up too - it makes the site far more interactive when contributors give so much information about their photos!


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