A View From The Quad

by Marci Biggs
(Cincinnati, OH)

I like this one because I took it with my trusty old point and shoot Pentax camera -- it was just completely lucky that I had it on looking to show someone another shot I'd made and I saw the view through the screen and just snapped it.

The depth of the shot that came from me standing under this huge hundred year old tree was awesome, I thought.

Also, it looks as good in color as in B&W -- but either way, it's still important since my brother in law lived in this barracks for 4 years.

Much as I like this shot, there is something that nags a little - the contrast.

The photo is nicely framed with the tree in the foreground, but for me one of the real attractions is the brooding sky.

The thing is, it lacks contrast. I reckon a little nudge on the contrast slider would make this a much more dramatic picture.

It's easy to do, and if you're feeling brave there'a a way to really control the deep blacks and bright whites by using the channel mixer.

Photoshop elements now includes some user adjustable settings for this, and there's a tutorial on using photoshop's channel mixer here for anyone who's feeling brave!

Thanks for the submission Marci,


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by: lori arnold

Truly I think the photo is outstanding...it has the right composition ...nicely framed, and a real eye catcher..well done

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