How to Start a Photography Business

NOTE!: This page is aimed at photographers who are interested in how to make a real income from their photography hobby. If you are thinking of a part time photography business (for example, just a few hours per day, taking photos in your local area) then here's where you can find out how your camera could earn you $200 per day.

A photography business can be a rewarding way to make money. One of the keys to being a good freelance photographer is being well-prepared. The following tips will help you to be ready for your next big photo shoot.

start a photography business

Start a Photography Business: Tip 1. Plan Your Photo Shoot in Advance

Brainstorm before you go and make a list of all the photos, subjects and angles you want to shoot. Consider the places, attraction, activities, and scenery.

Also consider the people and poses. Evaluate possible backdrops and lighting conditions.

Start a Photography Business: Tip 2. Be Familiar with Your Camera's Features

It is a good idea to read through your camera manual again so you know all the features that your camera offers. You might be surprised to discover a feature that you haven't used for a while or that you had forgotten.

Start a Photography Business: Tip 3. Always Test Your Camera

It is vital to know that your camera is functioning properly. If you shoot with film have not used your camera for some time, then shoot a short roll with several pictures and have it developed. With digital camera take some shots and upload these to your computer to check that everything is working satisfactorily. There is nothing more embarrassing than discovering at the shoot that your camera does not work.

With digital cameras, make certain that the resolution is on an appropriate setting. There's nothing worse than discovering after the shoot that your digital camera was still on the smaller, lower quality resolution you used last week to take some funny shots of your dog.


Start a Photography Business: Tip 4. Check You Have Sufficient Photo Storage

Make certain you have plenty of memory cards, of a high capacity. Remember that professional quality photos, at a high resolution, take up a lot of space.

Start a Photography Business: Tip 5. Charge Your Camera Batteries

Be sure your camera has fully charged batteries and always take some spares. Don't forget to pack the power cord so you can recharge your camera on the go.

Tip 6. Clean Your Lenses

Always clean a lens using a proper lens cleaning brush. By doing this you will be able to remove fingerprints and dust particles without damaging the lens.

Tip 7. Pack Your Accessories

You'll need your charger and cables to connect your camera to your computer. Depending upon your camera model you will probably need to take a combination of lenses and filters as well as your flash.  Don't forget a plastic bag in case you need to protect against moisture.

Tip 8. Take a Back Up Camera

Always take a back up camera to an important photo shoot. You might consider taking a one-time-use, waterproof camera which will serve as an emergency backup as well as being useful for any beach or underwater shots.

Tip 9. Check the Weather Forecast

Check the weather forecast in advance, and prepare contingency plans just in case it doesn't turn out as expected.

Now you can ensure your next big photo shoot is a good one. You cannot be a successful freelance photographer unless you consistently take good photographs. To do that requires good planning, so remember to follow these tips, and all the best with your next photo shoot!

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start a photography business

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