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Demystifying digital photography!

Looking for digital photography tips? Look no further! This site has grown out of decades of photography experience. My aim is to share that experience with others, to help everyone take better photos!

Everybody's welcome here, no matter what your level of expertise, and there's no need to understand ISOs or f-stops to pick up these photogrpahy tips!

Trick photography technique - taking multiplicity photos

Tick Photography - multiplicity photos

This is a great trick photography technique, and, once you know the 'trick', you'll be amazing your friends and family with this technique. All you need to do is ... continue reading about trick photography

The rule of thirds - one of the easiest rules to follow to improve your photography

Improve Composition

The rule of thirds is one of the most frequently used rule in photography. It's easy to get it right and the simple example used here ... read more about the rule of thirds

Is shooting RAW any better than taking photos as JPEGs

Shooting RAW? Is it worth it?

RAW files are often seen as the digital negative. They may be the purest type of image file but most of us ... continue reading about shooting RAW

Digital photography tutor - tips and tricks to help you take better photos

Digital Photography Tutorials

There's lots of ways to improve your photography, that don't involve buying a new camera! Here's a selection of tips and tricks ... continue to the digital photography tutorials

Painting with light - trick photography

Light Trails and Painting With Light

If you've ever seen those photos of light trails, and wondered how the photographer did it, wonder no more! Light trails are easy to capture, all you need to do is ... continue reading about light trails and painting with light

Painting with light - trick photography

Going to a Wedding This Year?

A few wedding photography tips never hurt anyone. After all, who doesn't want to take great photos of the happy couple? Maybe you're taking the official photos? Either way, there's plenty ... continue reading for wedding photography tips

What more will you find on this site?

Ever considered taking your camera swimming with you? You could with one of these waterproof cameras - a new world of photography awaits!

Photography tutorial - focus on the details Photography tutorial - black and white photography Photography tutorial - change your shooting angle
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Nikon have created a short video entitled "The Day". It's a nice clip covering photography from daybreak to sunset.
See Nikon's The Day video here

If you have any money left after Christmas and New Year (I know I heven't!), maybe now is the time to browse Canon's newest cameras

Just recently I pondered, with all the improvements in modern cameras and image sensors, is there a need for RAW any more? Find out if shooting in RAW is worth it?

Pixlr has been my favourite image editor for a while. It seems they've now released a mobile version too. Have a look to see if Pixlr is for you.

trick photography - multiple images

One boy. Six times? In the same photo??? Find out how!

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