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Is your photography missing these key skills?

I'm going to start with a couple of wild guesses.

  • Guess 1 - you own a digital camera
  • Guess 2 - you love taking photos
  • Guess 3 - you wonder how you could take better photos?
How did I do? Two out of three? A clean sweep? Actually, if I'm being honest, I cheated a little bit (sorry, couldn't help myself!).

Guess 1 - you own a digital camera. Well, if I'd asked that question in 2001 I'd probably have got a different answer. But here we are, it's 2013, and if you own a camera it's probably digital.

And even if you don't own a camera, you probably own a cell phone, and I'll bet that has a camera on it.

Guess 2 - you love taking photos. Who doesn't! I've loved taking photos for years, ever since I was a boy (ahh, memories!). And do you know what the most shared 'thing' on the internet is? Photos!

Which brings me to guess 3 ...

You wonder how you could take better photos?

As you're reading my site (which, by the way, I hope you like. But I'm always happy to hear your thoughts, so please don't hesitate to send me feedback here if you want to) I'm guessing that you want to take better photos? And maybe you just can't seem to put your finger on what's missing from your photography.
The Complete Digital SLR Guide - sample images
All photos by Darrell Payne

If that's you, first, don't panic!

Second, you're not alone.

And third, keep reading and I'll show you how you can elevate those snap-shots into really great photographs.

Step one - learn what you're camera's doing

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers example photo And by that I don't mean who your camera is talking to on the phone late at night (that's probably just the worrisome parent in me!).

What I mean is, first, learn what your camera is doing when you take a photo. I don't mean you have to learn the entire specification list of your camera, just the basics that will help you take a better picture.

Let me put it this way, if you drive, you probably know a little, just enough in fact, to get you from A to B safely. And, with luck, all the way back again too!

When you get into your car you, perhaps unknowingly, have some idea as to how it works ...
  • you put the key in the ignition, and presume some sort of battery kicks into life,
  • when you hear the engine turn over you know that, somehow, fuel is getting into that big engine thingy under the bonnet,
  • you know that when you press the pedal on the right the car goes faster (more fuel going in, most likely),
  • and you know that when you press the middle pedal (or the only other pedal you have if it's an automatic) then the car will slow down and stop.
There you are then, the basics of driving.

Here's the important point ... you know roughly what your car is doing, and, by knowing that, you can drive safely. Imagine if you knew absolutely nothing?


You'd be pressing all kinds of pedals and buttons and wondering how the heck the thing gets going.

Because you've learnt the basics of how to operate the car, you can drive.

So let's apply that to photography

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers example photoImagine if you know nothing about your camera and how it works - you'd be stabbing buttons left, right and centre.

Occasionally, if you got lucky, you might even take a photo.

But what if you knew a little more about what's going on under all that shiny plastic - wouldn't that help you to take a better photo? Put you in the 'driving seat' so to speak?

So, step one is to learn a little about how your camera works, because once you have a basic understanding, you're in a much better position to take a good photo.

And digital SLR cameras? Well, they operate in a slightly different way to compact cameras, and understanding how they operate is even more important.

Then you're ready to take your photography to the next level

Once you've got a good understanding of your camera and how it works, you're ready for step two.

And that means going back to the drawing board ...

Well, sort of.

Once you have those basics, and you know what your camera is doing when you press the shutter button, how about taking a little more control?

Think of it like progressing from primary school to secondary school (or 'high' school, depending on where you live).

When you were at primary school they taught you the basics - reading, writing, a bit of maths... and that got you a good foundation for learning more.

And then you went to secondary school, where you built upon those foundations, and learnt things like algebra, physics, history and how to come up with inventive excuses for not doing home-work (or was that just me?!!).

If I said "ISO, aperture, depth of field, exposure, ev, f-stop..." You'd probably think I was barking mad!

But if you know what they are ...

... you can start to take control of them

And once you take control of your photography you can't help but take a decent picture when you press the shutter button.
  • It's like Gordon Ramsay failing to make a decent meal.
  • It's like David Beckham failing to make a decent pass (well, prior to retirement at least!).
  • It's like Steven Spielberg failing to make a great movie.
  • It's like me not knowing when to stop!
Hopefully you see my point. If you build upon the foundations and hone your skills, then why not expect to take a great photo every time you press the shutter?

And here's how to get started

I'm asked, quite frequently, to help people with their photography. And it's a task I'm happy to take on!

After all, I built this website so that I could share my expertise and help people with their photography.

Good as the website is (again, happy for your comments!), it's no substitute for actually having someone show you how to take better photos.

And as I can't be with you right now to help, I've come up with the next best thing - a fully illustrated and comprehensive guide to photography.

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers sample pages

In it, I've gone through exactly how your camera works,
    how to hold your camera for best results,

      how to understand histograms so the exposure is correct,

        how adjusting the aperture benefits your portraits,

          how and when to add a little flash,

            a full glossary (in case I've gone back into gobbledegook mode again!)

              plus lots more tips and tricks to better photos ...

Which gets you started, and then there's ...

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - BONUS! Free Image Editing Software And How To Use ItThe software editing guide that not only shows you where you can get free image editing software, but also shows you how, with just a few simple tweaks, you can turn a dull and lifeless photo into a real corker!

One of the best features of the software editing guide is that I've gone through how to get started, and how to make simple but effective, adjustments using online software - so you don't even have to install software.

Which is probably just as well, because every time I try to install software these days I have to spend ages downloading it, and then when it's done I find out my operating system is incompatible/computer too old/licence key is invalid/...* (delete as applicable!).

So using online software makes a lot of sense.

But it's the guide to better photos ...

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - BONUS! 12 Sure Fire Ways To Better Photos... that's really interesting. I've pieced together 12 surefire ways to better photos and used worked examples to show you how you too can improve your photo taking abilities.

This is the sort of thing that, if I could be standing next to you, this is what I'd be telling you ...
  • Move to the right a little, then you'll capture ...
  • A bit more exposure for this one otherwise you'll lose ...
  • Instead of doing this at eye level, why not try ...
  • The trick with photographing children is ...
That's the sort of thing I would be saying. However, firstly, I can't be with you. And secondly, you'd probably be fed up of me constantly chattering away!

So having it written down means you can take it a step at a time, and you don't have me constantly in your ear (bonus!)

And speaking of a bonus

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - BONUS! How To Turn Your Photos Into CashWell, three bonuses actually. An acquaintance of mine, a good photographer himself, has written a triple guide to making money from your camera.

You're probably not considering quitting the day job just yet (or maybe you are?), so this might be filed under 'future projects'.

But as sure as night follows day, there comes a time when we all think a little extra money would be useful, and that's when you pull the guide out from the bottom drawer and begin investigating how your camera could earn you a few extra pennies (or cents, or rupees, or yen, or ...!)

To start the ball rolling ...

... download the guides, all of them, in one neat package, and you'll be taking great photos in no time.

I've packaged the whole lot ("The Digital SLR Guide", "12 Surefire Steps to Better Photos", "The Photo Editing Guide" and the "Making Money With Your Camera" triple guide) in one easy download.

The guides, individually, retail on Amazon for:
  • $19 - The Digital SLR Guide
  • $11 - The Photo Editing Guide
  • $17 - 12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos
  • (check current prices here)

But I can help you out there

Partly I'd like to help you out because you've stayed with me all this time, but mostly I'd like to help you out because I genuinely want to help people take better photos.
The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers   +   The Complete Digital SLR Guide - BONUS! gift bag

So, adding it all up, that comes to $47 ...

But I'd like to offer all three guides to you for just $19. And you'll also get the guides to making money with your camera thrown in as a bonus (put it in your bottom drawer for now).

So, that's all three guides, and the making money guides, for $19.

Sound fair?

I'm pretty sure you'll like the guides, and I'm convinced you'll find them exceptional value for money, but hold on a mo...!

If you're a little unsure if it's right for you, no problem - there's a 60 day money-back guarantee too.

I sell my guides separately, as downloadable 'pdf' files, on Amazon. But I also sell the whole bundle via ClickBank as well. So, if you buy them now though me, via ClickBank, you'll get all three guides, the making money guides, and a 60 day money-back guarantee AND save $28 in the process.

Why do I use ClickBank? It's a good question, and if I was just about to spend $19 on the internet, I'd ask too.

I use ClickBank because they're reliable, have been handling internet payments for years, they encrypt payments, and they're independent of me (just for added security!). In fact, if you've ever bought anything on the internet before, it's quite likely you went through ClickBank and didn't even realise!

So there you have it. A complete package for you to help you take better photos, instantly downloadable! How can you get it? Click here to buy the complete package, or click on the button below:

Buy The Complete Digital SLR Guide - invest in your photography today!

NB: Once you click the above link you'll be taken to the order page. You can choose to pay with any credit card or by PayPal. Once ClickBank approve your payment, which takes seconds only, you'll be able to download the entire package immediately.

I completely understand that buying things over the internet can be a bit worrying.

No need to panic! If you would like to contact me first please don't hesitate to do so - I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Best wishes,
Darrell Payne - author of The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers
The Complete Digital SLR Guide - written by Darrell Payne

PS: If you've ever felt you aren't quite using your camera to its full potential, then these guides will help by showing you how to use your camera to take stunning photos.

Buy the guide today and invest in your skills as a photographer. The sooner you learn these vital skills the quicker you'll be taking fabulous photos that you can be really proud of! Invest today so you can take amazing photos every day for the rest of your life.

PPS: Don't forget the Money Back Guarantee. Click the Add To Cart button below, get instant access to all six eBooks now, learn how to take amazing photos, and if you still aren't happy in the slightest, you can get a full refund - no problem!

Buy The Complete Digital SLR Guide - invest in your photography today!

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