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Photo tips - photographing babies
February 25, 2009

Dear Stay Focussed reader!

Welcome to the newsletter.

Apologies . . . .

Before I get to this month's tips . . . I wanted to issue an apology for being so late with this edition.

In my defence, I do have an excuse - the birth of my second child!

Consequently, over the last couple of weeks, cameras and lenses have been swapped for feeding bottles and nappies.

Anyway, this has made me think about tips for photographing babies; so this month's tips are . . .

Photographing babies!

It's tempting to stand above the cot and snap away when photographing babies. But for something a little different, try this:

baby fingers
  • Zoom right in to the baby's fingers, toes . . . use your camera's 'macro' mode to take close up shots.
  • Convert the photo to black and white.
  • Add a the soft focus effect (NOT the same thing as a blurry picture!)
  • Eliminate 'busy' backgrounds. Lying the baby on a simple white blanket works best.
So, if you have the opportunity of photographing babies, give these tips a try. I'm sure you'll be impressed with the results!

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