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January 16, 2008
Dear Stay Focussed reader!

Welcome to the monthly ezine;

This month . . .

  • New additions to the site
  • More ways to contribute to!
  • A night time photography tip
  • Photoshop Elements tips - find your way around your image, the easy way!

Additions to the site – the newest photography tips and tricks!

Here's the latest additions to the site, and a few other highlights, – always worth a look . . .

Contribute to!

There are now three places on where you, the reader can contribute.

Join those who have already contributed and share your photos and stories with the world!

Photogenic places of the world - #10

There are times when the ruggedness of a place is its beauty. A place that springs to mind is the North Yorkshire coast in England.

Digital photography tips; Yorkshire Coastline

The coastline is extremely photogenic, and there are many opportunities for capturing it.

In my photo I chose a low viewpoint. In fact, I actually balanced my camera on a pile of pebbles that I scooped together on the beach.

The good things about digital cameras is that you don't have to be looking through the viewfinder in order to frame your photo - they come with really useful screens on the back!

I let my friends wander on along the beach, and then took a couple of photos. I really wanted to get them into the shot somewhere. And here's a good tip - if you're photographing scenery, it is sometimes nice to get people into it.

Click to read a digital photography tutorial on shooting angles.


Photoshop Elements tips and tricks

In this section – tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Photoshop. These tips will always be based on Adobe Photoshop Elements – the home user version of the software package the pros use.

Moving around your image
If you find yourself zooming in and out of images a lot while you're editing, then these tips are for you.

  • Zoomed in too close? Just double click the "hand" on the toolbar, and you'll zoom out to "fit screen" size.
  • Want to see your image at actual size? (useful to see detail) Double click on the "magnifying glass" on the toolbar and your image will zoom to actual pixel size.
  • Here's a quick way to zoom in - hold down [Ctrl] and [Spacebar] and no matter what tool you were using, it will change to the zoom-in tool. Click the mouse to zoom. Releasing the keys returns you to whatever tool you were using before.
  • And to quickly zoom out - hold down [Ctrl], [Spacebar] and [Alt] - it works the same as zooming-in (above), but in reverse!
  • If you've zoomed in, and need to get to the "hand" tool (so that you can grab your image and move it around), just hold down the [Spacebar].

Help Wanted!

My aim is to share, and this newsletter with as many people around the world as possible– helping the whole world take better photos!

If you know of someone who would be interested in receiving this newsletter, please forward this email onto them, and ask them to click here, or send them this link:

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