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December 19, 2007
Dear Stay Focussed reader!

Welcome to the monthly ezine; and compliments of the season to you all!

This month . . .
  • New additions to the site
  • Contribute to!
  • A night time photography tip
  • How to use Photoshop Elements to make a “coffee table” book.

Additions to the site – the newest photography tips and tricks!

Here’s the latest additions to the site, and a few other highlights, – always worth a look . . .

Contribute to!

The “Stay Focussed” newsletter contains a wealth of travel photography tips. But I haven’t been everywhere and I don’t know everything.

This is where you, my readers, come in – you can now share your travel photos on!

All you need to do is delve into your travel photos, find one you are proud of (and I’m sure you have many!), and then share it with the world! Just resize it to no more than 800 x 600 pixels, tell us a little about the photo, and upload it.

The instructions and the page to go to are here.

Photogenic places of the world - #9

Belgium is a great place to visit at this time of the year – festive markets are everywhere. And one of the most photogenic of all Belgium’s cities is Bruges.

travel photography tips – Bruges as an example

The place really comes alive, and everyone is in a good mood!

The city looks really good at night, and here’s a night time photography tip for you – make use of your self timer.

I took the photo above, capturing the reflections in the canals, without the aid of a tripod, and with a 30 second shutter speed.

Here’s what you do – find a solid spot to rest your camera on. I balanced my camera on a handrail.

Then set the shutter speed for a good few seconds, and if you can control the aperture on your camera, close it down as small as possible.

Then set the self timer. Click the shutter button, leave the camera resting on the solid surface (let go of it completely), and wait . . . wait until the camera has taken the photo and written the image to the memory card.

And that’s all you have to do - night time photography without the need for a tripod!

You might find the following useful in understanding exposure, shutter speeds and apertures.

Photoshop Elements tips and tricks

In this section – tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Photoshop. These tips will always be based on Adobe Photoshop Elements – the home user version of the software package the pros use.

Making a “Coffee Table” book
These days there are many photo processors who can produce a book of your photos for you. I love these books – they look professional and are a really neat way to show off your photos.

The downside is that sometimes the software the photo processors make you use isn’t as flexible as you would want it to be.

No problem if you have Photoshop Elements! It comes with a built in book creation tool.

When Photoshop Elements loads up, choose “View and Organize Photos”. Then:
  • Open Photoshop Elements, and choose the “Edit and Enhance Photos” option.
  • Click on the button near the top of the screen that says “Create”
  • Choose “Album Pages” from the menu
  • On the next screen, set the page size that matches your chosen “Book”
  • Choose the layout that you would like (and don’t worry if there’s nothing that exactly suits your ideas – you can edit them at the next stage.
  • Choose the layout style you’d like.
  • Finally select the number of pages. If you like, you can also get Elements to automatically fill your album for you – the option is in the check boxes at the bottom of the page.
When you’re done, save your file. You will be able to upload it to the developer of your choice, or if you prefer, print it out at home.

Help Wanted!

My aim is to share, and this newsletter with as many people around the world as possible– helping the whole world take better photos!

If you know of someone who would be interested in receiving this newsletter, please forward this email onto them, and ask them to click here, or send them this link:

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