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How you can get your lost camera back
June 30, 2010

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We’re in the process here of moving country. Again! I don’t know why we keep putting ourselves through this every couple of years but there you go.

Anyway, it got me thinking about photography security.

Tip: How to get your lost camera returned to you

Back in the days of film it was always a good idea to get a white piece of paper and write onto it your contact details. Then you took a photo of it.

The main reason to do this was in case your roll of film got mixed up at the developers. All the developers needed to do was develop the film, look at the first frame on it and that would tell them who it belonged to.

However, it also served another purpose – if you lost your camera and a kindly soul found it they might well develop the roll of film themselves to see if they could pick up any clues as to its ownership. And if your photo was in there with your contact details on it – bingo!

Clearly time has moved on. However, the idea is still valid. Take a photo of your contact details on your memory card and if your camera is lost it just might find its way back to you.

In this day and age though I would not recommend putting your address on. Your email should suffice and is almost untraceable back to you.

And this does require the finder to have some honesty. That said, there are plenty of good people around who will go out of their way in such a situation – so you never know!

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