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Photographing fireworks - tips and tricks
November 02, 2010

Dear Stay Focused reader,

Welcome to the newsletter.

first of all thanks for all the thoughtful replies to my last email regarding moving to Australia. Reading others' stories about similar moves certainly made us think, but eventually we headed back to the UK

And so here we all are again enjoying the autumn weather and attempting to get all the day-to-day issues sorted out (house, schools, cars, work!!!)

As I am of no fixed abode at present this is unfortunately a short newsletter but I wanted to send something. And as it's almost bonfire night here I thought a few tips on taking pictures of fireworks would be appropriate.

How to take pictures of fireworks

First of all get a tripod or support your camera on a solid surface (and use the self timer to trip the shutter rather than your finger)

Then position yourself so that you have a good view of the shy where you know fireworks will appear.

Set your camera to night mode or if you have a digital SLR set the shutter speed to about 20 seconds and the aperture to about f19.

Then wait, and watch the sky. Get a feel for where the fireworks are exploding. Point your camera in that direction and open the shutter.

As the shutter will be open for a good few seconds any fireworks exploding at that time will appear as colourful streaks on your picture. Voila!

Pearls from the forums

I get a lot of submissions to the site, and unfortunately I can't upload them all (so apologies if you've made a submission and you haven't seen it). Here are some of my recent favourites:

Help wanted!

My aim is to share, and this newsletter with as many people around the world as possible- helping the whole world take better photos!

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Thanks for your help,


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