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Photographing children - tips and tricks
August 31, 2010

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We’ve finally made the move from the UK to Australia, and, to be honest, we're wondering if it was the right move. No doubting Australia is a great country (and me being selfish am salivating at the outback photo opportunities!). But it doesn't feel like home at the moment. All opinions greatfully received!

Anyway, it is holiday season in a lot of the world and my attention has been turned to our two little ones. Taking photos of the kids while on holiday is a great way to remember the trip. So here's some tips:

Photographing children

First of all, try to avoid taking photos from adult height and get down to their level. It's amazing how the world changes when you're only two feet off the ground!

Photographing children when they are running around may seem like asking the impossible, but sit back and watch them play. You'll notice there are patterns to what they do. It may be they car chasing each other on a circuit around a playground. Anticipate where they will be and when they reach that point fire off a few shots.

If you're photographing children and want something more posed involve them in the picture taking. If they can handle a camera let them take a couple of photos before handing the camera back to you for the "real" photo. You may be surprised at how adept they can be. My four year old has taken a few shots with Daddy's camera – under strict supervision of course!

And related to getting them involved – show them the results on the camera screen. Children do seem to like the instant feedback that digital photography offers.

Final tip to help with photographing children – patience! And not only patience, don't be hard on yourself, or them, if the photo just doesn't work out. With digital, unlike film, photography you can always fire off a few more photos later on and not worry about the cost.

Pearls from the forums

I get a lot of submissions to the site, and unfortunately I can't upload them all (so apologies if you've made a submission and you haven't seen it). Here are some of my recent favourites:

  • Modern Americana, by Peg. removed 2013

  • Twiggy, by Brianna.

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