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Stay Focussed Extra! Issue #01
January 21, 2008
Welcome to Stay Focussed Extra!

Before I continue, please make sure you read the important message about spamming it's at the bottom of this newsletter.

This is the first edition of Stay Focussed Extra! These newsletters are shorter than the regular Stay Focussed, and contain just a few details about happenings on

In my last newsletter, I mentioned the new ways you can contribute to

The digital photography tutor section has proved to be especially popular. We can't leave the submissions to date where they are (soon there will be far too many of them), so here's what will happen to them:
  • Please continue to make contributions until Thursday of this week.
  • On Friday all contributions will be archived. You will still be able to see these contributions, but you won't be able to add any new comments to them.
  • Once they have been archived, the top three submissions (chosen by "Ed") from January will remain on the digital photography tutor page, and a new submission form will be launched.
  • You can contribute on this new submission form in the same way as before.
  • You have from now until Friday to influence "Ed's" decision and vote for your favourite contribution this month!
The links you will need are:
  • Submission form - to add your contributions.
  • Submissions to date - these you can vote on and comment on.

    OK, that important message about spamming.

    I never have, and never will use your email address for anything other than to send you "Stay Focussed". I am concious, however, that you have subscribed to the monthly newsletter.

    As continues to grow, there become more occasions where I would like to send out an extra email to my subscribers. I anticipate this to amount to one, and perhaps two extra mailings per month.

    I appreciate that you may only wish to receive the regular monthly "Stay Focussed" and are not interested in "Stay Focussed Extra", and that's just fine.

    For this reason, the extra mailings will always have the words Stay Focussed Extra! in the subject line. If you do not wish to receive this, please set up a filter in your email account to move any email containing the words Stay Focussed Extra! to your deleted mail folder.

    All email (even free web-based email) has the ability to filter email, so you should have no problems. If you get stuck though, please contact your email provider for help.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this,


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