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October 09, 2008

Dear Stay Focussed reader!

Welcome to the ezine.

First off, thanks for all your feedback. Lots of messages sent this month - and they all get read, I promise! If you have any comments please donít hesitate to let us know.

Photo Tips #4 Ė
Look for the smaller details

Itís obviously tempting (and easy!) to seek out the big-picture stuff. But sometimes it is just as rewarding to look for the smaller details too.

Those smaller details might be ornate carving on a door, some worn rock, or maybe even a beer glass!

The point is, sometimes these small details are often overlooked, and can be a treasure trove of photographic material.

Next time you are out and about with your camera, keep an eye out for these small details, and take a few snaps. You might just end up with a winning shot.

Czech beer glass

Photoshop Elements tip

This monthís tip is to add a touch of sharpening.

Many pictures can benefit from a little sharpening.

Sharpening canít bring an out of focus picture back into focus (although it might improve it a bit), but it can really make an already sharp image 'pop'.

Hereís the easy way to do it in Photoshop Elements:
  • Load up any photo in Elements (either in 'Quick Fix' or 'Full Edit' mode).
  • Go to Enhance and choose Unsharp mask
  • Set the Amount to 100%, set the Threshold to 0 levels.
  • Adjust the Radius until you get the level of sharpness that looks about right (start with 0.5 pixels and work from there)
WARNING! The Radius control is very sensitive. More than 2.0 pixels is a lot!

TIP! It's good practice to make sharpening the last thing you do before saving your photo.

Help Wanted!

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