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September 01, 2008

Dear Stay Focussed reader!

Welcome to the monthly ezine Stay Focussed.

Thanks to everyone for your patience. As you will know I have recently moved country, and I thought it would be a simple thing to get connected to the internet again. How wrong was I!

Anyway, all is good now and I'm not expecting any more hiccups!

In this newsletter:

  • Black and White photography tips
  • A great photography eBook
  • New additions to the site

Photo Tips #3 -
Black and White photography

Despite colour photography being with us for decades, there is still something magical about black and white photography

But what makes a really good black and white picture? black and white picture of prague

Have a look at the photo here. It's one I took when I was in Prague, and it demonstrates some of the tips below:
  • First, look for a subject that has a strong, simple composition.

  • Take the photo in colour, then convert to black and white using software.

  • Once you have converted the image to black and white, boost the contrast (your software will definitely have a contrast control in one of its menus).


I've seen a lot of photography ebooks. And they're not all great.

I've also been on sites where you can get a 'free' course in photography, and then all they do is send you lots and lots of annoying emails.

Recently though I was contacted by a photographer with a really great eBook worthy of consideration.

Amy's eBook is easy to read, and is chock full of useful photography tips. She has also contributed some articles to

If you are in the market for some high quality photography tips and tricks, have a browse here.

Latest additions/useful links

  • Beginners Photography
  • More on black and white photography
  • Cheaply and easily copyright your photos (and get online backup for your photos thrown in for free!)

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