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May 15, 2008

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Photo Tips #2 –

Sunsets are a really popular photographic subject. And why not? They are impressively colourful! Sometimes though, what looked like a good sunset at the time, doesn't look so great in a photo.

example of a sunset

Here are some tips to help your sunset photos really look fantastic!:
  • Sunsets with cloud in them usually look better than those with cloudless skies; so try to include some.
  • Try to include something in the foreground.
  • Take lots of photos! Sunsets change colour quickly. Taking lots of photos will give you a better chance of capturing it at its best.
  • If possible, underexpose your photo a stop or two. Colours will look richer if you do. (read more about understanding exposure)

Photoshop Elements tip

This month’s tip is to give your photos a colour boost (perfect for sunsets!).

A lot of photos lack colour saturation. Here's how you can boost the saturation of your photos:
  • Load up any photo in Elements 'Full Edit' mode.
  • Go to 'Layer' and choose 'New Adjustment Layer', then choose 'Hue/Saturation…' Click 'OK' in the box that appears.
  • In the next dialog box, move the middle slider ('Saturation') to the right to boost the saturation in the photo.
  • Click 'OK' to accept the changes.
The good thing about doing all this on an adjustment layer is that if you want to go back and change your settings later on, you can.

Simply double click the 'Hue/Saturation' layer in your layers palette, and you will be able to make your alterations.

WARNING! If you boost the saturation too much, your photos will look too saturated. It's an interesting effect, but not necessarily the one you want. As always, experiment to see what works for you!

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