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March 20, 2008

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This month . . .

  • Tips on taking photos scenery
  • How to do a 'Photomerge' in Photoshop Elements

Photogenic places of the world - #12
The Murray River – South Australia

Last month's photo focussed on people – the people of Vietnam, this month's photo is all about scenery.

When visiting scenic locations, it's natural to want to capture the views so you can enjoy them again when you return home. But somehow they often seem flat in the final print.

One of the reasons (but not the only one) is to do with the dimensions of prints compared to our own 'human' dimension. Let me explain further . . .

When you get to a scenic view, I'll bet you look left and right, rather than up and down? What you are doing is looking at a panorama. But the photo you take will be more 'square'.

The solution is to take a panoramic photo, like the one below:

Murray River Australia - panorama
There are two ways to achieve this. The simplest way is to simply crop your photo into a panorama using software. Every image editing program will be able to do this.

The other method is a little more complex, but the end result is much better. While you are at your scenic view, take a series of overlapping photos. When you return home you can 'stitch' the overlapping photos together using software.

You can do this manually, but some software (such as Photoshop) is capable of doing it for you.

Photoshop Elements tip

This month's tip is to try a panorama!

First, make sure you have a series of overlapping images, as described above. Open Photoshop Elements Organizer. Then:
  • Select the photos you want to merge – hold down [CTRL] and then click on the photos you want. Release [CTRL] when you've selected them all.
  • Then go to 'File', 'New' and choose 'Photomerge Panorama…'
  • The editing workspace will automatically load.
  • A window will pop up showing your images. Click 'OK' and Elements will merge your images.
If it can't merge them completely you will be given the option of manually nudging the photos into place.

Try this on a scenic photo and see the difference it makes!

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