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February 16, 2008
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This month . . .
  • Tips on taking photos of people
  • How to sharpen your photos in Photoshop Elements

Photogenic places of the world - #11

I took this picture in Vietnam in 2006. Vietnam is a wonderful country to visit, and one of the real treats are the local people. It would be a shame to not go home with a few photos of them.

Photographing people, especially children, can be a challenge. It helps if you can make them smile and laugh a bit as you shoot as you'll capture some friendly smiles!

Tips to help you out here - smile yourself, ask before you take any photos, for children - act the clown a little, and finally - show them the results on your camera screen (they love that!)

The result is below:

Vietnamese children smiling

Photoshop Elements tip

This month's tip is to sharpen your photos!

When you have finished editing your photos the last thing you should do before saving them is sharpen them. This makes photos stand out just a little more, and it's really easy to do.
  • Once you have finished editing, make sure your image is in one layer - go to 'Layer' and choose 'Flatten layers'
  • Then go to 'Enhance' and click on 'Unsharp masků'
  • The dialog box that opens gives you a few options. The ones I go for are:
    • 'Amount' - 100%
    • 'Radius' - 1.0
    • 'Threshold' - 0
Try this on a photo and see the difference it makes!

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