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"Autumn Photo Idea"
November 06, 2011

Dear Stay Focussed reader!

Welcome to November's newsletter. The leaves are certainly falling from the trees here, and that means plenty of colour around for us photographers!

autumn photo idea - frozen leaf Rather than do the usual autumn photos - collage of leaves, rolling hills carpeted in autumnal shades ... - I thought what else could we try.

And I remembered something we used to do years ago - freeze something in ice cube trays and then take them out and photograph them.

Taking the idea a step further I collected some leaves and froze them in about an inch of water in a tupperware container.

Once frozen I popped them out and photographed the ice block (with the leaves frozen inside) on the kitchen table using a good flashgun on my camera.

Personally I liked the shot, but as my wife pointed out to me, there is another option here too - close up on a leaf showing frozen bubbles.

The other photo here is exactly that.another autumn photo idea - frozen leaf

I think either of these work well, and are definitely a break from the normal autumn photos.

Plus, if you have children, this can keep them occupied too!

First they're kept busy collecting the leaves, then they love the whole freezing-in-a-tupperware tub thing, and finally they love taking the photos!

Last call!

In last month's newsletter I offered my new eBook, plus many extras for the knock down price of just $9 (it's usually $19)

I know a lot of my readers have taken up this offer and I said I would keep it open for four weeks. This means that on the 15th of November (just over a week away) I'll be taking down the subscriber-only web page.

So, if you've yet to take advantage of this offer, or maybe know someone who's interested, there's only a few days left.

To access the offer page go here, and enter the following password:


child splashing in pool

All the best, and see you next month,


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