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"Photography Technique - Repeating Patterns"
September 02, 2012

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As the sun begins to set on another damp summer (if you're in the UK, that is), I've been going back through a few old holiday photos.

chess pieces

The two you see here struck me, not because there's stunning scenery, or a particularly impressive shot of (yet another!) sunset, but because they illustrate a photography technique - repeating patterns.

Repeating Patterns

As you're snapping away, look out for any repeating patterns. Often they are of things that you need to get in close to, like the chess sets and dolls here.

russian dollsNot always though. It could be rooftops, it could be rows of washing hanging on lines, it could be ... well, you probably get the idea!

The way to use it is to get in close on the scene and aim to fill the frame with the repeating pattern - it's the pattern that is the photo, not the background.

Angles work well too, so if you have a repeating pattern that goes diagonally across the frame, that's good. Also good are patterns that stretch away from the camera into the distance.

But like a lot of photography techniques, try them out, adjust them, practice, and see what works.

A great repeating pattern photo in one scene may work, but not in another.

The important point to remember is that it's another technique to add to your photography armoury.

Hope this little tip is useful. Give it a try and you might end up with some great repeating pattern photos.

See you next month, and, as always, if you haven't yet done so, check out my facebook page!

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