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"Camera Phones and Facebook"
June 02, 2012

Dear Stay Focussed reader,

Welcome to the June newsletter. Two things this month - camera phones, and Facebook.

Camera phones

I wonder if you have a camera phone? Maybe you know someone who has one?

The reason I ask is that they seem to be getting better and better! I tried a friend's iPhone the other day and I have to admit the pictures were pretty darn good!

But they go even further these days. A few free apps can turn your camera phone into something rather special.

abstract photography

Put simply, you download the app and install it on your phone. Then snap away.

You can make changes to your photos right there and then as you take the photo, or apply effects afterwards.

The effects are things like cross processing, warped features, enhanced highlights...the list goes on and on!

My personal feelings are mixed. If we make all our current photos look 'old', what will we look back on in years to come? What will define 2012 in terms of image 'feel'?

I've written in more detail here, but I do recommend giving the apps a try if you can, and come to your own conclusion. on Facebook!

I've taken the plunge and decided to create a Facebook page for

I'm sure you know far more about Facebook than me so if you have any tips please don't hesitate to send them my way.

Hopefully the page will build and it gives you, my subscriber, an easy way to share your images and thoughts on all things photography.

The page is here; and I think all you do is 'like' it, or 'friend' it, or something like that...!

That's all for this month, give the apps a go if you can, and hope to see you on Facebook!


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