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Only hours to go to fast-track your photography skills
April 15, 2013

Dear Stay Focussed reader,

Welcome to my final, special, email.

This will be the briefest of brief messages, to do nothing more than remind you that there are only a few hours left to take up the special offer.

If you've not yet taken a look at the offer page, here are the key benefits. One simple subscription gets you:

  • 8 free back issues of the magazine (valued at $120.00)
  • "The Secrets of Lighting" eBook, valued at $19.77 (with your second issue)
  • "Digital Photography Techniques" eBook, valued at $17.00 (with your third issue)
  • "Digital Photography Presentation" eBook, valued at $19.97 (with your fourth issue)
  • "Five Most Popular Scenarios In Digital Photography" eBook, valued at $24.97 (with your fifth issue)
  • "Digital Photography In Abstract" eBook, valued at $14.97 (with your sixth issue)
  • "Powerful Landscape Photography" eBook, valued at $30.00 (with your seventh issue)
  • "Digital Photography Success" eBooks part 1 and 2, valued at $39.97 (with your eighth issue)
  • "Advanced Digital Photography" eBook, valued at $59.97, and "Exposure Charts", a double bonus valued at $14.97 (with your ninth issue)
The entire package is worth $341.82 - for you it's free (and that's 341 good reasons to learn more!).

There really is no more time to take up this offer, and give you, the photographer all the knowledge you'll ever need in order to produce incredible photos, time after time.

The clock's ticking, and there's nothing more I can say. Have a look at the information here and find out how to lift your photo taking skills even higher.

There, all done. From here on I'll only be sending out my regular monthly email (and that's a promise!),


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