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"Better Beach Photography"
July 29, 2011

Dear Stay Focussed reader!

family photo taken by a five year old Welcome to August's newsletter.

Schooooool's out for summer!

Well, it is for some of us. And it might just involve a trip to the beach at some point.

It's the ideal time therefore to share a few beach photography tips.

Beach photography tips

The first thing to do is make sure you carry your camera with you the beach.

But I sense a feeling of hesitation...all that sand, water - recipe for disaster!

Cameras and sand do not go well together. Nor do cameras and water - unless you have a waterproof camera.

As for the rest of us, what do you do to protect your camera?

Here's my first tip - look after your camera on the beach. Get hold of a ziplok bag (the type you might put your sandwiches in) and keep your camera in it unless you're actually taking photos.

When you're about to take a few photos take your camera out of the bag and zip up the bag again - this stops sand getting in whilst you're snapping away. Retun your camera as soon as you're finished.

Second tip - select the right camera setting, or overexpose the shot if you can.

Your camera is set up assuming everything it photographs should have average light levels. By the sea things are brighter and your camera compensates by underexposing the scene in order to achieve those average levels.

This is why beach photographs look dull when you view them later on.

You probably use the same camera setting for all your photos, but if your camera has a beach setting don't forget to use it (this will force your camera to make a better exposure).

Final tip - back to lighting again - try to make use of the late afternoon light rather than taking photos in the middle of the day.

At midday the light is strong and shadows appear harsh. The late afternoon light is much softer and will give your beach photography a nice warm glow!

Final, final tip if you have kids, and are facing weeks off of school, this is for you...

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Happy holidays and see you next month,


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